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Bowyer Oncology Pharmacist

Job Duties

The Bowyer Infusion Center pharmacists provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to patients seen in the Bowyer Oncology clinic and other ambulatory infusion clinics through the provision of clinical services, integrated drug distribution, and participation in research and teaching activities. Functions include oversight of the preparation and dispensing of sterile compounded products, review of medication orders in conjunction with the patient's electronic healthcare record as well as interacting with other health professionals to help prevent the inappropriate use of medications. Pharmacists also are responsible for the provision of clinical services (e.g., pharmacokinetic dosing, drug monitoring, dosing recommendations, patient medication counseling) according to departmental policy and procedures.

Job Qualifications

1. ASHP-accredited residency (preferred)

2. Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with coworkers and professional staff.

3. Ability to set priorities which accurately reflect the relative importance of job responsibilities.

4. Ability to work independently and follow-through on assignments with minimal supervision.

5. Ability to read and understand and interpret current scientific literature.

6. Ability to effectively communicate orally on a one-to-one basis using appropriate vocabulary and grammar to obtain information, explain policies and procedures, and to persuade others to adopt a specific opinion or action.

7. Knowledge of and ability to perform age specific and disease specific pharmacokinetic calculations.

8. Ability to compound intravenous admixtures and other sterile products such as ophthalmic preparations and intrathecal injections according to acceptable standards of aseptic technique.

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Summary Information

  • Job Title: Bowyer Oncology Pharmacist
  • UCLA Title: Stf Pharmacist 1 Nex
  • Job Num.: H85543
  • Work Hours: Varying Shifts
  • Work Location: UCLA; Westwood,CA
  • Job Type: Career
  • Duration: Indef
  • Minimum Salary: $70.54 / $12274
  • Maximum Salary: $82.64 / $14379
  • Layoff Referral Deadline: 
  • Bargaining Unit: HX

Please be advised that ALL new hires will be required to successfully complete a criminal background investigation and a medical examination, which includes a drug screening, prior to employment at UCLA Health. The receipt of satisfactory responses to reference requests, and the provision of satisfactory proof of an applicant's identity and legal authority to work in the United States are also required. Any misrepresentation, falsification or material omission may result in a candidate's failure to receive an offer, or if already hired, an immediate dismissal from employment.

In an effort to promote and maintain a healthy environment for our patients, visitors, and employees, UCLA Health is a smoke-free site.

At UCLA Health, we achieve excellence in patient care consistently by following the steps outlined in CICARE.

CICARE is an acronym that describes specific behaviors that are guaranteed to result in excellent communication with patients, families and colleagues.

Every UCLA Health employee, physician and volunteer holds themselves and their colleagues accountable for practicing these six steps with everyone on every encounter.

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Connect with the patient and their family members by addressing them as Mr./Ms., or by the name they prefer.

Introduce yourself and your role.

Communicate what you are going to do, how long it is going to take, and how it will impact the patient.

Ask permission before examining the patient and anticipate patient and/or family needs, questions or concerns.

Respond to patient and/or family questions and requests with immediacy.

Exit courteously and/or with an explanation of what will come next (or when you will be back to check on them).